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Providing Public Services to Pave the Way Forward

Providing Public Services to Pave the Way Forward

Committed to Nigeria

Committed to Nigeria

Surprising the world by doing the unexpected

Surprising the world by doing the unexpected



As an indigenous Nigerian engineering company, JIMAJ ENERGY SERVICES care about safe energy, waste management, transport, water and housing.  JIMAJ ENERGY SERVICES believe that the reliability of public services and supply is pre-conditional to social welfare, economic strength, preservation of nature – all contributing to the promising development of Nigeria as a modern nation.

 In a very particular way JIMAJ ENERGY SERVICES are focused on detecting local and regional needs and on arranging sustainable solutions to satisfy them. JIMAJ ENERGY SERVICES partner with the governments and the people of cities and villages to serve the needs of the public and of the local industry. JIMAJ ENERGY SERVICES understand that stakeholder participation is key for great success on a long term basis.

Our engineering teams make sure that public services for safe water, energy and roads work properly on a reliable bases, whether revamped or completely new. We  cover all phases of a target leading development process in public servicing: spatial planning, service definition, plant design and engineering, construction management, safety of operations, maintenance and therefore actual sustainability. In this way JIMAJ ENERGY SERVICES are committed to establish that particular quality of services which makes every city and village a preferred place to be for citizens and corporate.

We are proud to enjoy most productive working relations with preferred partners in Nigeria and abroad.We complete the local and regional offers Nigeria Government and corporations deliverable projects and they are also  engaged in the oil & gas industry.

JIMAJ ENERGY SERVICES can act on their own for communities and corporate entities, but  we are also available to cover the particular requirements in terms of water, waste management, energy and transport of the oil & gas industry. JIMAJ ENERGY SERVICES is   proud to create and make synergies available between relative public and private partners.

Our Clients

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