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Pastor Bennita Sylvester Ajayi

Pastor Bennita Sylvester Ajayi


Pastor Bennita Sylvester Ajayi  has a degree in Public Administration and she did lots of secretarial studies, supervisory and managerial courses and worked as company secretary for over a decade before she took the appointment as a Director in JIMAJ LIMITED and she is also one of the Directors of LAKEL Group of companies, and the vice president of Immanuel Foundation worldwide.


Over 10 years of wide and enriched experience in the oil and petroleum industry. She has extensive experience of emerging markets with international institutions especially in upstream and downstream sectors. In recent years, she has undertaken a number of international assignments.


She is the he vice president of Immanuel Foundation worldwide and she is more involved in the delivery of public services, voluntary work and charitable projects worldwide, like the Drumbae community development in (Edinburgh-Scotland) in United Kingdom and the Evangelical arm of Christian body worldwide.

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